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Projector Repair Service for Business & Government

Why do projectors fail? There are miriads of reasons from improper maintenance (or complete absence of such) to simple part malfunction to old age. One thing is certain, regardless of the reasons why, it causes significant inconvenience. Businesses are forced to cancel training sessions, important meetings/ conferences.

If you found your projector not working properly or not functioning at all, you've come the to right place. AVIT Service is a leading audio visual service provider in Washingotn DC metro area. Our engineers and technicians have 30 years of combined experience and we have seen just about everything. That's why you can trust that your investment is in safe certified hands. If you need projector in the meantime, don't hesitate to talk to us about about projector rentals.

We offer service and support for the top projector brands in the AV Industry:

Barco                                  Hitachi                       Optoma                       Sanyo
BenQ InFocus ProjectionDesign Sharp
Christie Digital Mitsubishi Panasonic Sony
Epson NEC Proxima Toshiba                           



Business/Government Projector Repair                  
We understand the implications of having business
projector out of service for a period of time. That's
why we offer a variety of services to offset  the
inconvenience and keep your business functioning
as usual. Click here to learn more.






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